How to use watermelon seed oil?

How to use watermelon seed oil?

These days using oils for skin and hair is a new trend, isn’t it? So, here is one more hero who works wonders but, only few knows about its benefits.But the question is How to use it? so here is your answer.Watermelon seed oil is an ultra-fine, light oil that is fast absorbing and deeply penetrating, moisturizing, and contains a wealth of dense nutrients.  It is high in linoleic acid, which can be a miracle worker for sensitive, acne-prone skin.  Oils high in linoleic acid actually help clarify pores by dissolving dirt and impurities to detoxify and clear pores.  Watermelon seed oil is also nurturing and effective for every skin type with antioxidants, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids.  It contains omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, Vitamin A, B, and E, and a host of minerals, including magnesium, iron, copper, and potassium.  Watermelon seed oil has also been shown to help reduce puffiness due to excess water retention. Watermelon Seed Oil helps to restore elasticity to the skin. It, therefore, is also a wonderful addition to skin care formulations for all skin types.I have mentioned below some of its uses and benefits.

1) Hair Growth

Watermelon naturally contains a lot of citrulline that increases the level of arginine and is therefore good for promoting hair growth.So just mix it with your hair oil and massage before shampoo.

2) Prevents Hair Loss 

Watermelon is packed with Vitamin C, which helps your body to use non-heme iron – this ensures that enough iron is in your red blood cells to assist in carrying oxygen to your hair follicles, promoting healthy hair. Can be mixed with any hair pack of your choice or fenugreek water it works wonders, just give it a try!

3) Moisturises Hair

Watermelon Seed Oil is a very light oil, which helps to moisturise and works very well in watermelon shampoo.

4) Soft and Supple Skin

Dehydrated skin can lead to a dull and dry appearance, but watermelon has such a high water content that it helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised. Add few drops of it to your body lotion and get soft n supple skin.

5) Good Skin Toner

Watermelon contains a natural substance that helps to shrink body tissues. This essentially means that watermelon is a natural toner that can help to refresh the skin.You can use the combination of rose water and seed oil as a toner.

6) Anti Ageing 

Watermelon is full of antioxidants such as lycopene and also vitamin C and A which helps reduce these free radicals that can slow down the signs of ageing. Use it bed time with any cream or aloe vera gel every night and see its magic.

7) Prevents Oil Production In Skin

Sebaceous glands secrete oil that can be troublesome for keeping skin clear. Watermelon is believed to help with acne due to this its properties. You can massage your face with this oil and rinse with warm water and your face will surely glow.

Multitasking is all we need to meetup today’s needs and this tiny seeds oil is the ultimate multitasker for all skin types.Thanks for reading, enjoy!

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