how to reduce hair fall?| lazy girl’s DIY

how to reduce hair fall?| lazy girl’s DIY

Hello, I think pretty much consistently individual whines of hair fall !! Indeed, it is a significant concern nowadays. In any case, do you realize you may diminish it by basically following some simple daily practice? The hair doubles the beauty. But it is frail and dead by washing every day when it is oily. If the skin of your scalp likewise turns slick, which makes the moving hair oily, you can dispose of it by following some simple tips.

Shampoo with salt: Add some salt to the shampoo and this mixture can control oiliness. To try this trick Add 2 tablespoons of salt in a 450 ml bottle. Shake the container well at whatever point you use it. If you would prefer not to blend in the bottle, at that point when you wash your hair you can likewise include a pinch of salt.

Use Conditioner: If your hair is oily, it implies That the oil organs in the scalp as of now is accomplishing moisturizing. So conditioner Take care while doing. If you have short and sleek hair, at that point You can likewise quit utilizing conditioner.

To Straighten: Hair often stat, curl, or dryer If used, it should be the reason for their being oily. Scalp skin oil when the heat in hair Starts leaving. That’s why you should straighten your hair only on special occasions. Also, do not straighten from the roots.

Comb: Comb the hair a few times each day, so likewise maybe the explanation behind their being sleek. Hair day Do not brush more than 2-3 times. Additionally, brush also make a routine to wash. Of a similar brush Use without washing likewise makes hair oily. Brush with light hands. Sharp Hair additionally turns out to be oily rapidly by brushing.

Hair Pack: 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon coconut oil mixed with a few drops of oil and lemon Make a mask. Apply It evenly on scalp and leave for 20-25 minutes. After this wash it thoroughly with cold water.

Do not touch again and again Some have a habit of playing with hair. Due to this the natural oil of hands also reaches into the hair goes. They also make it look oilier.

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