how to detox and strengthen the body, in winters?

how to detox and strengthen the body, in winters?

Hello all, I hope you all are enjoying this winter in your warm and cozy homes! So, winter is the best time to strengthen the body. But how?? Well, The answer is body Massage. It is the best way to detoxify and strengthen our body and the skin too. Here are a few things you should know about it. So, let’s go ahead.

Here are seven ways 7 ways to practice in Ayurveda, In order to apply oil properly. Sitting first, then back Lie down, left side, mouth Force, right turn, backside, and Sitting again Massage with light hands. Take some precautions while massaging. Like apply oil with light hands. More Pressure may damage nerves or ligaments. One should always use lukewarm oil for massage.

Daily exercises and massage in winter help to detoxify the body. Massage Relieves winter sickness, removes blood Increases circulation, and gives the body strength. But some things Take care of, is the right oil for a massage on cold days. Sesame and coconut oil is better. This makes the body warm, Stagnation goes away. Mustard oil is also fine for winter.

Avoid bathing immediately after massage. Bath only after 20-25 minutes of massage. Try to use lukewarm water for bathing. If bathing with hot water may cause the problem of dandruff and dryness. So, Detox yourself massage, and enjoy the season! Hope it is helpful for you 🙂

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