Glow this summer like dolphins!

Glow this summer like dolphins!

Who doesn’t want to glow and outshine the scorching heat , not with sweat of course ,  but like dolphin ?

That sounds pretty weird , doesn’t it ?
to me it did until I found what this trend really was. Yes , this is another trend just like Fox eyes – about which I’ve written before.
I’m pretty sure you must be thinking what’s with all these animal related trends nowadays , well that’s how implicit quarantine has been like.

Basically dolphin skin is the ultimate combination of glass skin and yoga skin which means wet-looking glossy skin just like dolphins – hence giving the name. If you want to achieve the perfect dewy look for the summer this trend is the one you are looking for.
This trend was coined by celebrity makeup artist Mary Philips – who dolls celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Hailey Beiber. If you search about this trend on instagram you’ll be greeted by many tutorials using makeup products from iconic but you aint bound to use only iconic you can use any brand to achieve this glowy look at your home in your comfort.

Here’s a little sneak peek about how to achieve this look :
Step 1 : The first and most crucial step for this look is to prep and prime your skin. Exfoliating and scrubbing is the key which removes your dead skin cells and helps to gain the some natural glow.

Step 2: You need to prime your skin with a radiant primer which will hide your pores and will help to achieve dolphin skin.

Step 3: Apply your foundation – the obvious step tho.

Step 4: You might’ve guessed it in the start the key to this look is highlighter , go crazy with highlighter do not shy. Apply highlighter wherever the sun would hit ; cupid’s bow , cheekbones, temple, nose bridge , brow bone , chin and collar bones for a more appealing  look. Use a mixture of crème & liquid highlighter for a perfect blend only liquid highlighter would work too.

Step 5: For the ultimate shine drown your skin into hydrating and glittering mist.

Finally wear this look with nude eyes and glossy lips. And in the end You shine the Summer look!

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