Girls these 4 unique face packs DIY I can swear by

Girls these 4 unique face packs DIY I can swear by

Hi lovelies, so trust you are appreciating winters. Here are four face packs with some special fixings and trust me they do something amazing. You will adore it by first use, and I am secure with it. So with no more conversations how about, we view these packs and their advantages. They’ll make your skin more splendid, milder, and diminishes spots by making it clear and sparkling as well.

  1. Orange face pack

Ingredients – orange peel Powder – 3 teaspoons, milk – 4 Spoon, Coconut Oil-1
Spoon, rose water – 4 spoon.

Method – Orange peel Add milk to the powder. Again It contains coconut oil and Makes a paste by mixing rose water. Apply this paste on the face and neck. Put on after about 15 minutes Wash it. It will whiten the face with orange peel powder helps to reduce these stains and dark spots and makes skin brighter.

2. Pumpkin and Rice Face Pack

Ingredients – 5-6 slices of pumpkin, rice Flour – 2 tsp.

Method – Take slices of pumpkin and mix them well Grind it and add rice flour to it. If you wish you can add a couple of drops of Flaxseed oil to it. Apply these face packs on the face and neck. Let it dry for 15 minutes. Massage moving your fingers in a circular motion and rinse. Skin utilizing it Flashes and face shading will be lighter. Pumpkin contains Anti-oxidizing and peeling with some restraint agents are available alongside Vitamin A, B, C, and beta carotene are additionally present. This face pack Makes perfect and glowing. Rice flour Helps to improve facial tone by removing dead cells.

3. Potato Face Pack

Ingredients- four tablespoons of potato juice, One spoon lemonade, half spoon honey

Method – Potato and lemon juice Add honey. Apply this pack all over after 15 minutes. Wash off with clean water. If you want to use potato slices, Lemon juice on potato slices and add honey to the face for 5 to 10 minutes. Massage with light hands in a roundabout movement. Repeat this twice a week. The potato would be in eliminating scars from the face While it also reduces excess oil from the face. Lemon helps to keep acne a bay, also makes the skin brighter.

4. Almond Face Pack

Ingredients – five to six almonds, 1-2 spoon milk

Method – Soak Almonds overnight. Morning peels off and grinds to a fine paste. Prepare a fine paste of almonds, take a cotton ball absorbed rose water. Clean the face and neck well. After this apply Almond Face Pack on the face and neck. After 15 minutes wash with cold water. Nutrient E in almonds and other supplements moisturizes the skin. It will not only give you clear, acne-free, and pimple-free skin but also maintain the softness of your skin and act as an anti-aging beauty secret! Almonds are rich in antioxidants and vitamins which nourish your skin, keep it soft and supple.

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