Fox Eye – An Illusion

Fox Eye – An Illusion

Fox eye Makeup is the recent trend , which you must have seen on tik tok , Instagram and Youtube. Fox eye trend is basically an illusion which makes the normal shape of your eyes look like that of a fox . also gives a sharp uplift to the eye area of your face , changing the normal look. This makeup is not a heavy one it is light and as minimal as possible . Why is it trending ?Well the reason is simple , because models and makeup artists have been trying this so why not !

This trend might sound a little tricky but believe me , it’s not. When we hear illusion in makeup what we think is that we need to apply lots of concealer , or we need to do lot of baking but it is actually pretty simple.

  • Step 1 : You need to angle your brows a little upward than usual if they’re not , a simple trick for this is you can measure the angle from the edge of your nose to your cheekbone with the help of a brush.
  • Step 2 : Apply a nude brown eye shade , give a smoky look to the outer corner of your eyes ( keep the angle same to that of your eye brow).
  • Step 3 : The trick comes here , with the help of a brown pencil eyeliner create a wing , thick towards outer crease of your eye and thin towards the inner crease ; with the same pencil work out your inner corner and use mascara for a perfect finish.

The rest of your makeup with this eye look needs to be minimalistic to highlight the eyes. Apply a little blush , tint your lips with a nude lip shade and to finish the look who doesn’t love highlighter ; you can go bold with the highlighter.
Voila , You look no less than Gigi or Bella Hadid !

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