do not make these mistakes for hair wash

do not make these mistakes for hair wash

Hi loves, I trust all of you are appreciating winters in your warm and comfortable beds like me. In this way, hair wash is the most troublesome job during winter right! In any case, it’s an absolute necessity as well. Healthy and beautiful hair adds to one’s beauty. We all take care of our hair with standard hair oil, hair packs, conditions, and Shampoo. In any case, do you realize not many things should be checked while washing hair? We should view them.

Use of Shampoo – Normally the impression is that more shampoo will clean hair well. Although that’s wrong. Shampoo should be used according to hair length. The quantity should be fixed. More quantity may cause hair loss too.

Constant Rubbing- It is known that rubbing with shampoo cleans dirt. However, it is not like that. The shampoo should be Rubbed with fingertips only. If you are Rubbing with a nail or palm Hair gets damaged. So, one should rub shampoo gently only with Fingertips.

Hot Water- Usually, people believe that washing hair is good with warm water is cleared in a way. But hot Water damages hair. So one should use lukewarm or cold water for hair wash. Yes, for removing hair oil, dilute Shampoo lukewarm water as well as washing hair with lukewarm water. Hot water will make hair dry and rough too.

Dry Hair- Some people have a habit of applying shampoo to dry hair. By doing so, the shampoo will stick to the hair and does not come out easily. So, always apply shampoo to the wet hairs.

Superimposition- Long & Thick hair Women overdose shampoo. But it takes so much time to remove shampoo and a lot of water is used. If you wash your hair in a hurry, shampoo stick in it. Due to which the skin of itching and infection Problem can occur.

Check Expiry- If you are using long use of pack Check it out it’s expiring or not? After a time All products lose effectiveness.

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