Umra Farooqui

About Lazy Girl DIY

Hello everyone!

……..hmmm firstly let me introduce myself to all the wonderful people reading, I am Mrs. Umra Farooqui I am an educator by my degrees But but, my dear friends am a hommy mommy by choice. The idea behind Lazy Girl DIY is just DIY(do it yourself). As I spent my childhood in a small town where DIY is literally applied to everything I mean yes everything from cooking to washing it includes everything. So I m still there doing it in not a small town now but in an urban city.

Here I will share my Lazy DIYZ which simply can be done by being lazy as well. I will share my skin care, hair care, health care, baby care & home care ideas as I do. I personally prefer DIY because I am a bit allergic to chemicals & preservatives so I basically avoid them by natural items available they aren’t natural at times though. So,  here you’ll find recipes of anything I promise it could be anything…so just stay tuned! thanks for reading till here

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