6 tips for travellers with toddlers

6 tips for travellers with toddlers

Finally! Here I am writing about how we can manage to travel with a baby.It was my first experience annnnd yes, it is true that we learn from our mistakes.My daughter was 22 months old and,a child is a toddler till they celebrate their 2nd birthday .A good news for all parents out there toddlers are free (complementary fare) which is very less. Travelling has always been fun & excitement me but without baby, yes without baby. It is hard indeed to get the same life post-baby but it is just worth it. I was so so worried about air pressure, food,sleep,potty, feeders, snacks and what not? until the day arrives. But in the end it was a wonderful trip and it couldn’t be without her. Ignore the naysayers—it is possible to enjoy a robust traveling life after having children. While, yes, it requires enough planning , so do basically all aspects of life post-baby.

  1. Booking the right schedule– while booking your flight make sure that its not late night one early morning is considerable.We faced this problem because it was her sleep time, but she couldn’t . It was a connecting flight, it takes longer. Try to avoid connecting flights with hours of halt if possible. And it is very important to reach early but, not too early.
  2. Proper packing– Keeping all the essential is necessary but don’t over pack! While packing for your child don’t forget to keep the three important medicines for your baby. 1 for vomiting, for fever and one for allergy.Change of weather, food, time may affect them. I get it done as her doctor prescribed.Also keep it handy.
  3. Cabin luggage-I kept baby bag which contains diapers, Bibs, napkins, one small blanket, her favorite soft toys,feeders, sipper one extra bottle incase . Plastic bags to keep soiled bibs. One extra set of clothes and it was a saviour when she spilled the water! Cotton balls to prevent air pressure,medicines. The crew was also kind enough to brief.
  4. Munching– Air pressure can be dealt by chewing or sucking ,pacifier also works .Make sure to keep a variety of snacks.As babies does not like repetitive things so, keep changing.Keep small boxes of at least 3 to 4 snacks. I kept peanuts, salted fox nuts, some cookies and some fried salted sago and it was a saviour.
  5. Right stroller– selecting the right stroller is very important. We carried a pushchair, which was not comfortable. Keep a stroller which makes your baby sleep comfortably. You can take the stroller till the gate, so no worries about carrying baby in your arms.While check ins do not hesitate to ask for help people are kind enough.
  6. Engaging the little fingers– Keeping a child engaged with electronics is very easy. But we as parents do not want her to keep her eyes on screen for hours, we all know its impact. So I kept some colors, some new drawing books, animals books , some pictures ones and soft toys. I did not show her those books before so, she was curious to explore!

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